13 November 2006


There is a reason for the lack of blogging, still no connection at home! Mind you it’s probably been for the best, as I have no will power when it comes to my favourite online haunts and I am still tacking the big knitting list for the festive season! I have completed my Nanna’s birthday gift, minus some possibly flowers for embellishment. I am about a 1/3 of the way through my Grandad’s gift. I have made a start on my Mum’s gift but Royston said this morning that he’s not sure about the colour and whether my Mum will like it (the colour that is). This led to a discussion on the wool I am knitting it in and the wool it should be in, Mum take note, you have Royston to thank for the much more gorgeous wool that one of us will be purchasing for you pressie. That’s right I may even convince him to go get it, with a note for him to give to the ladies in the wool shop of course! The lesson learned here is twofold, take Royston wool shopping with me in the first place and he is much less frugal than I! After that I have at least one more present to knit, possibly more, who knows.
Apart from the knitted items, I have only purchased one other gift for the impending festive and birthday season which is just round the corner.
Oh well I’d better be off, catch you later!!


03 November 2006


  • I feel like sticking my head down the loo.
  • I have consumed my own body weight in vegetable soup.
  • Have to finish the stationery order.
  • Want to have a go at spinning (wool that is, not the insane exercise type of spinning), if anyone can help me please let me know.
  • I'm tired and I ache.
  • I need to do that CJ stuff tonight.
  • I want to knit tonight.
  • I have no internet connection at home.


PS - nice wool here: http://www.kpixie.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=35_216_217

02 November 2006

No Where Fast

Is my progress today in work. Sigh. Has been the same since Tuesday.

Knitting is also no progress, in fact less progress as I dropped a stitch and ended up having to pull out the scarf I had made good headway on. Sigh.

36 minutes and I will be leaving work to hopefully make more progress on stuff at home, anything, don't care what. Looking forward to a nice relaxing bath tonight to try and warm up. Need to start CJ too, panic!