25 April 2007

Spinning around

Last night I decided to practice my spinning, which to be honest is something I need plenty of with it. I'm getting there but over twist seems to be an issue, as do lumps! I am finding the roving/ top easier than the fleece because of the lumpy bits in the fleece. I will get there though. Tonight I went to Stitch and Bitch and watched "V" spin, and hoped that one day I will become as good as her! Also the lovely girls at S&B furnished me with some wool for the mitrered blanket. Royston has decided that if I am knitting it I should do so with more expensive yarn than the oddments of cheap acrylic I had planned on using. I have order some King Cole Merino, well actually Mum ordered them for me, to be going on with and I found 2 balls of wool/ mohair blend in the stash box. And then "A" and "M" gave me some more balls. I have a long way to go, but I can keep an eye out for bits I fancy as I wool shop! I think the wool is currently in the post office waiting for me to pick it up! I'm also hoping my Nostepinne will arrive before we go to Norwich on Friday evening so I can show Mum.
Anywhoo I'm off to knit for a bit and drink a cup of the new herbal tea I bought - Pukka, Love

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