20 April 2007

Today's post which was (partly) written yesterday!

Yesterday's part
Now I like to jot notes down throughout the day or write my blog out whilst on the sofa or lying in bed (like now) but then I have a tendency to forget to actually blog it. So this is my conscious effort to actually blogging and not just writing a letter to no one. Part of the reason is that I like to ponder about my entry or I have things pop into my head as the day progresses. I find once in front of the computer I don't ponder as well. Tonight I'm quite tired so I think I will leave you to read Watching the English by Kate Fox before lights out.

Today's part
After work I called into the library to pick up the knitting books I had requested, I have in front of me: 400 Knitting Stitches, hats gloves scarves and Hip Knit Hats. The 400 Knitting Stitches and hats gloves scarves are too books that I could see me using often, at the moment I'm not so sure about Hip Knit Hats but I haven't had a good read yet. I have about 30 mins until I go and pick Roy up from work and probably should be doing something much more important than sitting here browsing the web - again. I think I have a problem, can't stop looking at yarn! In fact I have a yarn porn fetish. Talking of yarn, I am most pleased to discover that KnitWitches Yarns will be at Wonder Wool my Mum had said that they would be there but a blog entry confirmed this yesterday!! I haven't ordered from them as yet but my Mum has and raved about them, I was also lucky enough to recieve a skein of this in Midnight Plum for my birthday from my Mum and it is stunning, I am waiting for my Nostepinne to arrive so I can wind it into a ball. I have my eye on a pattern in Victorian Lace Today for it but I will be practicing some lace in another yarn before attempting this. Well Ciao for now unless anything else pops into my little head!

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