02 April 2007


I am tired today, Rosco had a busy day yesterday and I'm paying for it today! I had loads of plans for tonight but chatting to Mum on the phone is a much better option!
On Saturday I decided to tackle my craft room, Roy helped me because I need his help to actually get rid of stuff! I still have some stuff to do but I can see the floor and my desk! I took all my buttons out of the small spice jars and put them in one container for my room on my desk shelves my Grandad made for me. I am currently sorting out my beads and putting them in different containers. I need to get round to taking some photos for Project Spectrum and the blog and various online places but of course I'm procrastinating by surfing the web as usual! I bought myself Simply Knitting today, I'm usually disappointed by the mag but this month there are a couple of things I fancy knitting, mostly the needle wrap in there because my dreams of sewing myself one are never going to match up to what I make! Well not much more news here! Will endeavor with some pics tomorrow!

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