22 June 2007

New Addition

To the household is here! No name yet though, we have to pick one tomorrow as it is increasingly hard to call him without a name!

Last night I tried out knitting continental style, and hats off to you knitters who can do this! It's far too complicated for me, I guess I'll be sticking to my wrong version in which I throw the yarn! Tomorrow I have a dentists appointment and then some jobs to do. I need to take photos of all my yarn this weekend to upload them to Ravelry and I'm hoping to meet up with the girls at some point but need to run that past Royston and his plans. Off for now, knitting and dog hugging are in order!


Rubys & Purls said...

Hi there,
I saw your post over at the Knitting Lingerie Style group and thought I would check out your blog. Your new puppy is so cute! He looks alot like my springers - Charlie & Casey. They are lots of fun but also have loads of energy. I can't wait to see what you make from the book. I am still deciding.
You can find me at http://rubysnpurls.wordpress.com/.

Tarilyn said...

There are no wrong ways to knit - I throw and am proud of it! Your puppy is so cute! I'm thinking Pinto (as in "bean")?