08 June 2007

An update!

Not much to report to be honest! Been busy browsing Ravelry and adding things on there such as my books, to which there has been the recent addition of Knitting Lingerie Style. I picked this up in Borders out of curiosity and discovered there actually many wearable things in it! Some beautiful tops and socks that I will be adding to my queue on Ravelry.

I did have a small world moment the other night, I've had a contact on Flickr for ages as I love her handspun yarn and love to look at it and be inspired about what I may be able to achieve one day. Well the other night I commented on some gorgeous beaded handspun that she'd made, thought no more of it. Then I received an email through Etsy's conversation section about joining the UK Sellers thread from one of the girls who comes to S&B. When I looked I realised that I recognised the user name as the same person with the fab yarn! If you are into Handspun you really should take a look at her stuff it's fab, she can be found here. I've had the pleasure of seeing some of her work IRL and it is gorgeous.
Anyway I'm off, up early to go to a local market and carboot and then off for ice cream and knitting for World Wide Knit in Public Day and then off out for a meal at a Balinese restaurant!

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