09 May 2007

Just a quickie

Thanks to Dee I found this blog and I have to say it is really making me want to try and learn crochet again! But I will refrain from trying to learn until I have made a serious dent on the Mitered Blanket, because if I do learn I will end up crocheting a ripple blanket as well and that may well push Royston over the edge with my endless questions about colour combination! To be honest though the blog is also inspiring me to go upstairs and get a needle and cotton and some fabric and sew something! It also pointed me in the direction of this Random Stripe Generator which I know will come in handy! And I found the link to this on there which I have been looking for because I didn't save it last time I found it! Tonight was Stitch and Bitch night, but was more Bitch than Stitch to be fair, enjoyed though, I love how crafts can bring together such different people and how you can find so many things in common with them. I will leave you with:

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